Who is this Lucius?

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Who is this Lucius?

By Lucius Gantt

      Who is this Lucius? Who is this man that says things in the media that many African Americans want to say but don’t?

Who is this guy that lives and works in Florida but is not from Florida? Who is this fellow that walks with all of the spirits, good and bad, that seems to be a man of the past who lives in the present and sometimes walks in the future?

Well, he is not the TV Lucius that built an “Empire” and let some woman walk into his office and take his company from him.

Lucius Gantt is the Lucius that is not scared!

He is not afraid of his shadow. He is not afraid of the government. He is not afraid of the police. He is not afraid of the Vatican and he is not afraid of the hooligan!

Lucius Gantt is God-fearing only.

This Lucius Gantt is not a graduate of a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) but Lucius Gantt IV did graduate from FAMU. Two of my three children attended and/or graduated from HCBUs.

If you want detailed information about Lucius Gantt, the journalist, the columnist, the lobbyist or the businessman, do an extensive google or internet search or just ask anyone that knows about world class media professionals or the most versatile, professional and most successful Black political consultants in Florida.

Most people who say they “know” this Lucius Gantt don’t really know me, they know of The Gantt Report.

They know The Gantt Report newspaper and internet column has been around since 1980, has been read more than other editorial and opinion columns and has been more prolific, versatile and prophetic than columns written by other writers.

Leonard Pitts, Joy Reid, DeWayne Wickham, Cynthia Tucker and others get the teaching jobs and big bucks for speaking so they shouldn’t be scared to share the panel discussion with this Lucius. Put us together and let the people decide who is the media champ and who are the media chumps!

But when the HCBUs, “major” universities, churches, organizations and group seek people to pay to give lectures, conduct workshops, talk to students, address graduations, give testimonies at churches, speak at rallies at so forth, the name Lucius Gantt is not even on the radar!

Why? Because they can’t tell this Lucius what to say. They can’t control this Lucius with a $5,000 honorarium or stipend, a coach class plane ticket and a cheap hotel room!

If this Lucius is asked to speak, Lucius will tell the truth whether the HCBU, the church, the association or the group wants him to tell the truth or not!

I’ve been trying to quit writing The Gantt Report for years but my long time readers and true friends say Lucius, don’t quit.

I asked my “Mom”, Julia, from Daytona why she reads TGR and she said Lucius, you always tell the truth.

I asked her what made her think that and she said, “If you weren’t telling the truth, you would have been dead, jailed or sued for slander a long time ago!”

So, without speaking engagements, lobbying contracts, media contracts or a plain old job, how can I survive?

Well, survival is simple. Good men, or good journalists, are never honored in their own communities.

Jesus Christ wasn’t honored in Nazareth or Galilee.

When you are a God-fearing and righteous writer in America you are treated like Jesus was treated by haters in his time.

The Biblical haters wanted the “miracles” but they didn’t want Jesus. People want to read truthful columns but they don’t want anything to do with the truthful writers!

So, this Lucius, not the TV Lucius, will soon be invisible. He will not be back for future seasons on the Fox Network. This Lucius will disappear!

If you don’t see Lucius begging for minimum wage jobs or low paying political or governmental business it is because this Lucius works with billionaires in the USA and wealthy people around the world who invest in commodities or do financial trading platform transactions or health care product manufacturing!

Yes, you may call me a rabid, vicious media dog but you so-called religious fanatics should know the Bible says, “even a dog gets crumbs from the table” and this Lucius can say what he wants to because he gets crumbs from his clients that sit at the billion dollar round tables! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, Beast Too: Dead Man Writing on Amazon.com and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net. And, if you want to, “Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

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