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Who will stand up to Governor Scott’s illegal activities in office?

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Who will stand up to Governor Scott’s illegal activities in office?

By Roger Caldwell

Florida has just elected Governor Scott for another term in office until 2018. This usually means that the state is stuck with this decision, and there is nothing that the residents can do. But the Democratic system is designed to have a “Recall Election” if the residents disapprove of the governor’s job performance.

Governor Rick Scott must be held accountable for violating Florida’s laws, and the media must begin to ex-pose his complete disregard for the law. From the very beginning of Scott’s campaign, it was established that the governor’s hospital conglomerate that he owned and started was being fined for $1.7 billion. Once it is proved that you have a history of breaking the law, it becomes a component in your


During Scott’s first term, his “blind trust” acquired substantial investments in the natural gas industry, but no one is exposing this information. His holdings include stocks in more than two-dozen companies that produce and transport natural gas in different counties in Florida. These deals are a conflict of interest, and prohibited by state ethics laws from owning stock in businesses that do business with state agencies.

It appears that political organizations and media groups in the state have only organized small investigations in Governor Scott’s business and financial investments. So far, Governor Scott has avoided most allegations and questions about his business deals in the state. Everyone in the state is waiting for the other organization or person to complete a comprehensive investigation that exposes Scott’s illegal activities. He is making billions as the governor of Florida, and it is against the law.

In December 2014, media investigations started to reveal that Scott’s decision to outsource prison medical care to Corizon Health for $1.2 billion had other additional fees. The cost of over 600 malpractice lawsuits from shoddy care left as many as 30 Florida inmates dying a month. By forcing the Commissioner of Prisons Gerald Bailey out of his job, our governor has kept the broken system quiet and manageable.

In February 2015, Scott was handed three lawsuits, which accused Scott and his administration with widespread corruption, and a refusal to obey transparency laws, particularly over the firing of Gerald Bailey. In his lawsuit, Bailey said, “he had been forced out of the job after he refused to acquiesce to repeated requests by Governor Scott and his staff to violate policy, take political sides, and target a county clerk for something she had done and then falsify a news release.”

Floridians can bury their heads in the sand, but our governor is making billions in his office, and breaking the law. It makes no sense for Floridians to know that our governor is breaking the law, and we should allow three more years of his illegal activities.

It is time to stop Governor Scott by exposing his illegal activities, and start a movement to expose the truth of his administration. As the truth is exposed Floridians will be moved to take action, and the system is set up to impeach a corrupt governor. Governor Scott is breaking the law, “What should we do?”

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