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Why can’t Congress law makers Govern freedom and equality for all Americans?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Why can’t Congress law makers Govern freedom and equality for all Americans?

By P. L. Wright Ph.D.

 According to our Founding Fathers of America, I am sure they did not mean for this country to continue to create new forms of control to keep the mass of Americans subservient. Subservience is just a form of control and slavery. President Barack Obama realizes this fact with his knowledge of Constitutional Law and the right to be free and have the same opportunities as everyone else. He didn’t create this, but he does want America to respect and honor what the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Civil Rights truthfully means to all Americans.

President Obama is not perfect by any means nor is anyone else either in our U. S. Congress. Congress must not reject every bill or suggestion by our President, but both parties must compromise and come to some type of agreement to give any bill or suggestion a chance to develop for it to begin to work. President Obama can’t be wrong with every decision he makes. No one is always wrong. America now has some of those persons who have hidden discrimination inside the minds and spirits in our U. S. Congress.

They may still believe they are privileged possibly from their upbringing from their parents and grandparents who just may have been participants in the slave era, and do wish to keep the poor poor, and the rich to remain as the only rich controlling the mass of minorities, Black, Elderly and the sick. President Obama disagrees with that philosophy for American Citizens as it creates the subservience and inequality that keeps division among Americans.

Our American fight we are experiencing currently is one that the rich wishes to keep Greed the same for the rich, thus preventing anyone else to move ahead to empower themselves financially as an American citizen.

However, if America stays the same socially, politically, we will continue to destroy our United States of America. We must listen to all of the candidates whose intentions are to run for public office in city, county, state or Federal Government positions when it is time to vote again. Be careful you are not voting wrong as was done in 2010 with the Tea party republicans who are now holding America hostage currently.



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