Why I’m running for President

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Elijah-D.-Manley-THIS-ONEWhy I’m running for President

Elijah D. Manley

      I have always stressed the importance of youth rights in all portions of society. Today, we’re not asking for crumbs, we are demanding youth liberation. For so long, the young and vulnerable have been oppressed and exploited; by both those we’ve trusted, and our government. Rated by many as the most oppressed human group on earth, the mistreatment of youth is completely legal. Absolutely. From the unjust mass incarceration, to the unconstitutional detention. We the youth, and I myself, have repeatedly been told that we are not old enough to do things, ineligible, or incompetent; that we’re not competent to lead the world.

That’s the basis of my decision to run. Along with all these other oppressions, I’ve decided that I am running for President of the United States, with regard to the age restrictions. Let me tell you why once more. Age restrictions have become extremely unjust and have limited our very involvement in this system. I’m going to restore that and through my Presidential bid, we’re going to become better than these restrictions. Through my bid for The White House, I will turn out the Youth Vote that has been so long low. I definitely expect the words “Too Young” and plenty of ageism and personal attacks against myself.

I believe that I can make all the candidates value the voice of the young, by myself being appealing and attractive to the youth vote. The American Youth needs a candidate that really understands them and their struggles. Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush do not understand the youth.

I will attract both conservative and liberal youth, Democratic, and Republican, college and younger, because America is more than an ideology. It’s one family, with common ground. From rising costs of tuition, failing healthcare systems, and an improper economy, I think we’re all in this together. I will battle to the Supreme Court for the Presidency. I am the voice of the American Youth. GLBT youth, conservative, liberal, poor, rich, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, whatever you are. I want to be a voice for you. My announcement may have been unusual, but being the first child to announce a bid for the Presidency is something a little strange. Show some support for me. I’m running as an independent, and alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties, and an alternative to the Hilary Clinton/Jeb Bush Predomination. Let’s do it America.

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