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Will Florida families lose out?


Florida legislators are deciding right now whether our state will accept critical federal funds which would provide health care to hard-working families in dire need of coverage, and create jobs. Yet Gov. Rick Scott and some lawmakers want to block these funds, leaving Florida to continue struggling to care for the uninsured.

Sign the petition to Florida legislators and tell them to ensure our tax dollars are invested in building a better health care system for hard working Floridians by extending Medicaid.

If Gov. Scott and his allies in the Legislature succeed, hard working families who can’t afford insurance coverage will continue to crowd emergency rooms, and local hospital resources will be strained. Meanwhile, your federal tax dollars will be sent to other states – leaving Florida health programs to do more with less. Lawmakers are already meeting on this issue, and we need you to raise your voice.

We can’t allow Florida to lose out on billions of dollars set aside to extend coverage to all low-income working people in our state. Additionally, this new funding amounts to an economic boost for the state. With the federal government fully funding the cost of new Medicaid recipients for three years and then covering 90 percent or more of the cost each year after, we can expect to see a resulting expansion of health care jobs in the state.

Sign the petition right now telling the Florida Legislature to bring federal tax dollars back home to help uninsured Florida families!

Our share of the Affordable Care Act shouldn’t go to other states; it should help your family and neighbors. This simple step of bringing tax dollars back to Florida will personally affect millions of families and help build a stronger health care system in our state.

For progress,

Mark, Damien, and the rest of the Progress Florida team

PS: Make sure your lawmakers do the right thing, and then forward this to friends and family in the state so they can act too!

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