Women’s History Month

By Annie Bell Dunn, Mother of JAEL

        The United States of America has always been a country without a specific religion, allowing all to practice according to their conscience, unless their freedom inhibited the freedom of another.  We have also had a strong Christian bias.  Our first President did not want to be inaugurated into office without placing his hand on a 1611 King James Version of the Bible.  Forty- three Presidents have continued this tradition.

Early American schools involved Bible reading in the curriculum. Spring break in American schools when I attended always began with Good Friday, and winter break always included Christmas.  Sunday has often been viewed as a day of rest, because Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead.

A few of these things have changed through the years as others have taken offense.  Spring break now takes place before it is officially spring, and we no longer use the Bible in public school curriculum on a regular basis.

As some became offended with “in God we trust”, being printed on American money, others sought ways to stop using money.  Last night, I played and lost a game of Monopoly without paper money.  Mr. Monopoly is the banker.  Everything is done electronically through the use of batteries.

When the King James Version of the Bible turned 400, I personally requested a proclamation of celebration from the Queen of England (who does not give proclamations) and from President Barack Hussein Obama.  He only gave me a day of religious freedom.  (January 16, 2011)

The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Manual has never been a book of religion.  It appears that at least one thousand denominations claim religious status while using the Bible as their professed standard.  The Bible says there is only one interpretation to the book. in the book of Peter.

Therefore, if 1000 institutions using the same book are not saying the same thing the same way, 999 are mistaken, and misleading its membership.

The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Manual was given to help man maneuver through life peacefully and knowledgably.  It has a purpose to educate the reader to the history of humankind, to introduce humankind to his creator, and to let humankind know this life is only the first step to eternity.

We are told the past, present and future through the words of the Bible.  Unfortunately, we are not always told what will come first, second or third.  Many books/chapters do not appear chronologically.

The language does not always translate easily.  Some of it is impossible to understand without some supernatural guidance.  The book tells us why this is, and offers us a solution to that problem, suggesting that we are born again of water and spirit in John 3.  John 4 tells us to prepare for a day when we will only worship the creator in spirit and truth.

When George Washington was sworn in as President, he was a slave holder.  Upon his death he had arranged for his slaves to be set free, unless he died before his wife.  His wife was then encouraged to free the slaves anyway, because an untimely accident ending her life might be too much of a temptation for the slaves she held.

The Bible was not against slavery, but Biblical slavery treated slaves like equals, not property.  Father Abraham was prepared to leave all of his wealth to a slave in his house, not his nearest kinfolk.  American slavery was similar to that of Egypt and Babylon, because the same people were enslaved in each case.  Deuteronomy 28:68 defines the curse of this type of slavery.

President Donald Trump was a one term President to show the world that the descendants of African slaves fulfilled the above mentioned scripture.  Our 400 year bondage ended on August 19, 2019, during President Trumps tenure.  This means, America no longer has God’s permission to oppress and enslave the descendants of slaves.

US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson introduced HR 40 Commission to Study and Develop Reparations, in January 2019, before the punishment officially ended.  The time to promote this bill is now.

*Biblical scripture was fulfilled from January 2000 through January 2018.  The scripture is Psalm 83:9.  It specifically dealt with modern day Ishmael (AlQuaida), Modern day Edom (America) and Modern day Israel (descendants of slaves).

On January 11, 2000 four daughters were removed from their mother’s care, never to be returned.  This mother used a pair of pantyhose to bind two of her children, after reading that it was ok to hold your child in time out, in her parenting class manual.

This mother had a therapy session on January 11, 2000; where she inquired of her family/personal therapist, which she saw on a weekly basis, for alternative and effective discipline.

All four children were removed from the mother’s care the same day, never to be returned to her custody.  A family placement was eventually provided, when it became obvious that the state had no intention of returning the children.

A series of events beginning with 9/11 terrorists entering the country in January 2000, through California, and ending with the return of normal economic activity, when the fourth daughter aged out of state care took place.  This is actually a double Biblical fulfillment with Genesis 15:14A.  If you read Psalm 83 and the fourth chapter of Judges you will find the similarities even included a  modern day Barack serving as captain of Edom’s Army.

The first letter of the name of the four daughters taken spell the name of the woman from Judges.  The girls names are Jennifer, Angelica, Elisha and Leona.  The four planes and their targets were very much related to the experience of my daughters before the actual incident which costs so many Americans their lives on 9/11.

     Matthew 7:1-2, warns us not to be judge, any differently than we are prepared to be judged.  Again, I would like to submit for your consideration that the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Manual has never been a book of religion, and there is only one interpretation to the book.

Faithfully submitted by Annie Bell Dunn, Mother of JAEL.  March 1, 2021.


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