Womens’ March, San Diego-style!

Nicole Nutting
Nicole Nutting

Womens’ March, San Diego-style!

By Nicole Nutting

      Residual rain clouds and a crisp breeze off the San Diego Bay couldn’t deter 37,000 people from assembling for the 2018 Womens’ March last weekend. Event organizers described their goal in these terms: “All year this country has been hearing from women. Today you will SEE them!” Given that last year’s march attendance here was reportedly about 20,000 souls, I think it’s safe to say that this movement is gaining momentum! Ours is not the biggest march in the country, but neither is it the smallest. (Dear Miami—please get with the program! Love, San Diego…)

The schedule called for opening speeches by such luminaries as California Senator Toni Atkins, Congresswoman Susan Davis, several assemblywomen and local council members. Various organizations were represented, running the gamut from Planned Parenthood to Mothers Of Black Boys. Talk about diversity!

Honestly, there is nothing more exhilarating than being in the presence of 37,000 people who agree with you! For two hours it was possible to put aside the negativity generated by the past year in politics, to enjoy the respite of feeling hopeful and uplifted instead.

The crowd was a delightful mix of people—women, men, straight, gay, young, old, and every skin color. It was interesting to see that Whites were not a majority—it was a true cross-section of Americans, the “melting pot”, as it should be. Although inspired by women, this could easily be renamed “The Peoples’ March”, because ALL sympathetic human beings are welcome. No “elites” to be found, just real people with real concerns about the direction this country has taken under our current leaders.

One major theme of this demonstration was a strident reminder to vote. We are approaching mid-term elections, and our best hope for the future is to change the make-up of the US Congress. The “Blue Wave” is coming, but it’s incumbent upon all of us to exercise our voice at the ballot box. If you haven’t already registered to vote, DO IT, and on election day suit up and show up—we’re all counting on you. Together we can make this a blue TSUNAMI!


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