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You don’t have to be a special bee to get honey from the ’comb

Bobby-Henry,-Srpins-THIS-ONYou don’t have to be a special bee to get honey from the ’comb

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.              Psalm 139:14 (NASB)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

We can learn a lot from what we may consider lower forms of life.

After all to live is to be able to adapt and get along with others of your own kind and the ones who are different.

My father use to tell me all the time that you didn’t have to be the ones that were allowed to go inside to reap benefits.

When he use to tell me this I didn’t fully understand, I guess it was because I wanted to be “It”, you know, one of the insiders.

My dad, as he usually is, was right-when the people going in were receptive to their responsibilities to those who could not come in.

I was not trusting of the ones who were allowed inside to do the “right thing”, after seeing and being a part of those that were allowed inside.

Witnessing how quickly some change after a short time of being allowed in- they morph into giant scorpions from little bitty lizard eggs- how scary.

Needless to say after crushing a few eggs my invitations with that type of those inside parties were less than the weight of “aerographite” which equates to almost nothing; as a matter of fact, what they thought of themselves was equal to the same density of aerographite.

When the weight of our selfishness outweighs the needs of others-we weigh nothing!

Left out of those circles that seem to be “all that” taught me some valuable lessons. Lessons which have made me to understand, that it’s not necessarily what’s on the inside that counts, so much as it is getting what’s on the inside out to those who need it.

We place too much time and effort on trying to get to the inside. The meaning ‘getting to the inside’ can be a representation of having the mindset of the elitists-thinking that we are “all that and a bag of chips” you know what I’M SAYING,  the “crim della crim”, the seared marble on a Porter House Steak.

For all practical purposes we’re just some skin on the ham hock and a piece of strickalean(fried pork fat), which is just as good and those of us who really know, in times of trouble, it will get you through.

When all of our energy spent on the treadmill of expectations of gaining access to the inside we become one worn-out heap of fabricated junk; in the Bible it’s called “a pile of dung.”

The true being that conforms to the accurate expression of being an” insider” in all honesty is one who turns the whole inside out so that all of the good contents can be splashed upon all.

Bees can be awfully gifted. Not only do they learn how to overcome difficulties by doing, but they can really absorb by observing other bees. Bees are true mathematicians. They do a dance, no not the wobble, but they do dance to communicate  where food is and the direction and position of the sun. Throughout their development, they have learned the art of storing the most amount of honey while using the least amount of resources.

In the context of a ‘honeycomb’ only certain bees are allowed inside. While inside they stir up enough ruckus that honey splashes outside on the other bees who are not allowed inside; everybody gets a taste of the good stuff.

Most gracious God I pray that we as humans can learn a lesson from the bees. As their honey never spoils may we have such an effect on others-not to spoil them from our on contamination. Amen.


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