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3 The Art Way: Music, food and of course… Art!

3-the-art-way23 The Art Way: Music, food and of course… Art!

L to r:  Paul Campbell, AJ Brown, Mark R. Cameron  (the background was taken in Mark’s room at Kroma. all the paintings are his creation).

Dr. Hyacynthia M. Leonce, Entertainment Reporter

As art week ends KROMA Art Space and Studios closed art week with a bang, a blend of music, food and art, Jamaican style.  Grand Avenue, West Coconut Grove, the home of KROMA Art Space and Studios was hopping on Sunday night.  Actor and Artist Paul Campbell, contemporary artist and Chef/Artist/DJ Mark Cameron along with AJ Brown, artist and lead singer of the and world famous reggae band Third World, spearheaded a wonderful event along with KROMA.

Marketed by the famous Nicole Gates from Overtown Media, the place was well attended. Even Councilwoman Lisa C. Davis from Miami Gardens and Miramar Mayor Wayne M. Messam were there.

These three artists’ paintings are incredible.  When I asked Paul Campbell why he got into the arts he stated, “It was a way to express myself.  I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was going through.”  Well Paul you have channeled your inner dialogue well, exquisitely!  Marc stated, “I have to paint, it’s who I am…I have a passion for life ,a passion for different things.”  It shows in your paintings, Marc. They are definitely well crafted and full of passion.  AJ’s paintings, in my opinion, depict what one of his songs says “Love is the Key to Life.” Beautiful song AJ, and ornate paintings.

While I was not able to purchase any art I certainly wanted to. Who wouldn’t want to own something so special. The KROMA studios appeared to have some of the finest art I’ve ever seen. Well done KROMA. Hey people go out and buy some art, support our people, our community, and help raise the bar of artist in our community.

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