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Baggage Checked

katrina-Sapp-HolderBaggage Checked

By Poettis

 Didn’t realize how heavy my luggage had become

Thought I was traveling lite

Reality’s light shown thru to the truth

Decorated bags

Resemble natural accessories

Assessing heavily tolled taxes on my life daily

And I’m paying out

Like a bank account with an auto debit that I can’t stop

I’m barely moving.

I got the smoke screen down pat

Shift the bags around and add a new hat

“They’ll never notice.”

The extra pair of bags beneath eyes that hide my stress

“They’ll never notice.”

The distant look of ‘what if’s’ that I carry in my eyes.

They never notice if you smile bright

While you swing low

Weight has your spirit in a tight hold.

Didn’t realize my bags had gotten so heavy

Standing up

A little less tall than God intended me to be

Life’s airline making me pay extra to carry these bags

I’m lagging behind my destiny

God’s blessing me faster than I can reorganize these bags

I’m forced to drop ‘em

Like gold diggers drop unemployed boyfriends

And poets drop pens to paper

No baggage check or claim required….



Katrina Jo Sapp – Holder aka Poettis is a God-loving, professional encourager, and hope coach who enjoys being a free-styling poet, speaker, writer, educator and Queen Mom in her spare time.

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