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Coping with our problems

Black people ever wake up? ...

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When our wants out weigh our needs

When our wants out weigh our needs it becomes greed, which can turn into PAIN. ...

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The Essence of a Black Woman

Her heart is as pure as Africa’s gold ...

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We must save the children at all cost!

We must save the children at all cost! ...

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Being grateful for the stewardship that God has given us

God has given us and what He has allowed us to do. Carrying on in the footsteps of those that came before us and stand upon their shoulders looking boldly into the future most humble, grateful and exuberantly proud to accept that honor and most importantly the favor from God. ...

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What is stopping you from joining the fight against HIV/AIDS

This Thursday, February 7, is Black HIV/AIDS Day. What will you do to help eradicate this dreaded disease? Will you act like turtles and tuck your head deep down in between your shoulders until you can smell the bile in your stomachs? ...

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Always overcome, but never forget

I am constantly reminded of how important it is for us to teach our history to our children each time I’m afforded the opportunity to speak at different schools ...

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Is it all a dream?

Is it all a dream? ...

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Preaching freedom from the pulpits

I would like to offer as a platform for conversation that pulpits for preaching freedom are not necessarily restricted to the enter confines of the church ...

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