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Likely female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV — Texas, 2012

This report describes this case of HIV infection, likely acquired by female-to-female sexual transmission during the six-month monogamous relationship of the HIV-discordant couple (one negative, one positive). ...

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Gonorrhea rates increased in the U.S. 1991-2006

Gonorrhea rates increased in the U.S. 1991-2006 ...

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The Florida Department of Health urges residents, visitors to be aware of dangerous black henna tattoos

he Florida Department of Health would like to warn residents and visitors of the potential health hazards associated with “black henna” tattoos ...

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Health law inspires hope but also worry among those with HIV

Matt Sharp had high hopes for the nation’s health law. The self-employed health consultant is HIV positive and has been denied insurance in the past because of his illness, so he was relieved to learn that the law wouldn’t allow that to happen again. ...

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Sixty thousand with HIV left uninsured in states not expanding Medicaid

But nearly 60,000 people with the virus live in states that are not expanding their Medicaid programs and are likely to remain uninsured. More than half live in Florida, Texas and Georgia alone. ...

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No Health Insurance? Why You Must Sign Up By March 31 – Or Pay Up

    If you lack health insurance right now, a big deadline is coming up in a few weeks, and the price of ignoring it will be a penalty at tax time next year. Are you ready? The deadline for uninsured Americans to obtain health insurance is  March 31. After that deadline, you must have coverage. If you were thinking about getting “Obamacare,” know that after March 31 individuals will not be eligible to ...

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