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National abortion rates highest among African American teens and twice the national average

African American teen pregnancy had the highest probability of ending in an abortion of any other race. ...

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Budgets pressures lead to less incarceration of Black youth

Dwindling state budgets have had an unintended positive effect ...

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Homicidal teen elephants may explain impact of mass incarceration, single parent homes

teen elephants’ behavior was primarily driven by childhood trauma from watching their parents being slaughtered, ...

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Who is wrong with the American Government?

Norquist has one goal in mind ...

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Soledad O’Brien offers heartfelt goodbye to CNN viewers, says ‘facts matter’

O’Brien admitted that her relationship with CNN executives had been rocky at times. ...

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Immigration isn’t just a Latino issue

Despite many reports, the pathway to citizenship for undocumented individuals is just one ingredient in the multi-layered immigration policy, yet to be written, that will have far-reaching impacts for Blacks and African descendants in the United States and abroad. ...

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Diversity increases among students, but not teachers

American schools grows more diverse, those studying to be teachers remain mostly White. ...

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Daughter believes mom killed her own baby for insurance money, then blamed Black teenagers

The daughter of Sherry West, Ashley Glassey, says that her mother may have killed the baby on her own in order to get the insurance money ...

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