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Black unemployment rate lowest since 2009

The unemployment rate for Blacks fell from 13.7 percent in June to 12.6 percent in July, the lowest jobless rate for Blacks since January 2009, according to the latest jobs report from the Labor Department. ...

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Austin, Texas still in uproar over police shooting

Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo has tried to impress upon the African American community during his tenure it has to be “never run from a cop with a gun. ...

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Conservatives blast Obama as a race-baiter for Trayvon comments

Conservative columnist Jeffrey Kuhner, who in the past has accused the President of having “Black nationalist sympathies” and unleashing “class hatred and racial hostility,” couldn’t pass up another opportunity to depict the bi-racial President as a racist. ...

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North Carolina: Ground zero for voter suppression

Black leaders and Democrats, on the other hand, countered that the bill was just another GOP attempt at voter suppression, aimed specifically at the traditional Democratic base – African-Americans, Hispanics, college students, the elderly and the poor. ...

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Holder seeks to force Texas to ‘preclear’ voting changes

Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. has announced that the Justice Department will sue the state of Texas to compel it to preclear any planned changes in its voting procedures before they can go into effect. ...

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Morial calls for new civil rights movement

National Urban League President Marc H. Morial has called for “a new civil rights movement,” one that will focus on economic empowerment and justice ...

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Hastings receives “Friend of the National Parks” Award

Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) made the following statement after being honored by the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) with their “Friend of the National Parks” Award: ...

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President Obama’s July 19 remarks on Trayvon Martin

[caption id="attachment_15932" align="alignleft" width="324"] President Barack Obama[/caption] President Obama’s July 19 remarks on Trayvon Martin The reason I actually wanted to come out today is not to take questions, but to speak to an issue that obviously has gotten a lot of attention over the course of the last week — the issue of the Trayvon Martin ruling. I gave a preliminary statement right after th ...

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Largest prison-owning Corporation issues massive dividend of $675 million to shareholders

CCA is the largest owner of private prisons in the nation, behind only the federal government and three states ...

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