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Governor Scott tours Florida schools to improve education

Scott is trying to improve his image, he begins to understand that Floridians are proud of their educational system, ...

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Called out by Republicans, Clinton answers in masterful convention speech

Clinton presented an exhaustive argument for Obama (and against the Republicans) with four key elements: ...

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Obama needs to project more than hope

Both Obama and Bill Clinton were elected president without receiving a majority of the White vote. And Obama can do it again this year. ...

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Holding on at the “Center of Hope”

family moved into the Center of Hope for Women and Children, a homeless shelter, after their apartment was robbed and they were evicted ...

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Halloween: The time for devils in disguise

Halloween time is when the political ghosts and goblins come to life ...

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Drafting American laws and the right to vote

Every American of the legal age to register to vote should have always had that right to participate in voting their conscious in our Governmental system practices. ...

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The racial divide: Will it widen or close?

Civil Rights Movement who have been deliberately kept from their history ...

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No Vote, No Voice equals ‘No Black Liberation’

It is a very, very, very bad situation looking at the voter turnout here in Broward County for this past Primary Election, which simply shows what to honestly expect in November ...

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The political hurricane

Some say the worst hurricanes are political hurricanes ...

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