Evolution of An Anti-Vaccine Cult

John Johnson II

 By John Johnson II

Movie goers were terrorized throughout the world by a fictitious character called Count Dracula. Dracula sucked the blood from his victims, turning them into a cult of Vampires. People today are facing a real and deadly virus called – COVID-19. But scientists developed multiple vaccines to inoculate people and to prevent it from spreading. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people, young and old, who strongly object to vaccines or any measures that can prevent the spread of the virus. Consequently, their loud anti-vaccine rhetoric and rowdy demonstrations have led to the evolution of groups resembling an anti-vaccine cult.

Unfortunately, people have been bombarded with so many strains of misinformation by Fox that their concept of freedom is both distorted and dangerous. Unbeknownst to themselves these strains of misinformation have caused them to behave as though they were members of a cult. Why else would these supporters of anti-vaccine, and anti-masks mandates chase and terrorize parents and their children for wearing masks?

The 45th president may have been responsible for the cultivation of a cult. Remember, it was he who suggested that the injection of disinfectants, such as bleach, could be a way to fight the coronavirus. Immediately, after his comments, calls to New York’s Poison Control Center increased.

Also, it’s unimaginable that Governors and Republican senators would support anti-masks mandates legislation. Obviously, their actions indicate they too apparently subscribe to the idiocy of dangerous cults.

Dr. Rand Paul introduced legislation to overturn mask mandates on public transportation. Senator Ron Johnson opposed mask mandates even after he tested positive for COVID.

Senators Cruz and Cramer revealed their   opposition to measures provided by CDC to combat COVID-19. They then double down by introducing bills to ban mask and vaccine mandates in the state of Texas knowing COVID cases were on the rise.

Is it not logical to ask a simple question, “Are these senators’ behaviors not symptoms of someone operating under the influence of a cult?”  Rather, are their actions symptoms of psychotic individuals who enjoy witnessing people suffer agonizing and painful deaths? If this is the case, they shouldn’t be serving as senators. Why would anyone oppose providing lifesaving vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues facing problems made more difficult by opposition from senators as well as lay people behaving as though they’re under the influence of a cult. News media indicate that CDC’s problems are as follows: 1) vaccinating enough people to create herd immunity; 2) testing to identify those infected with COVID-19; and 3) educating the unvaccinated to the viability of scientifically developed vaccines.

Yes, the three problems identified are problematic, but the most challenging one is the last. Historically, there have al-ways been people who rejected vaccinations for an assortment of reasons. But seldom when death can be stopped at one’s doorstep does one refuse a lifesaving drug or vaccine. Unless they’re following the logic of an anti-vaccine cult.

Unbelievably, millions of people take drugs concocted in makeshift labs by individuals who never took a chemistry class or held a test tube. Or they take drugs manufactured by licensed companies even though they’ve issued warnings that they can cause death or suicidal thoughts.

If people are thinking about drinking a soft drink because it tastes good, they should first check its ingredients. Coca Cola contains at least six different chemicals, such as Aspartame, Sodium Benzoate, and Phosphoric Acid. Studies have linked Aspartame to serious health problems including cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Most people don’t think twice about rolling up their shirt sleeve before drinking a cold Coca Cola. But far too many people refused to roll up their sleeve for a vaccination because they don’t know what’s in it. Hopefully, everyone knows that a soft drink isn’t an antidote for any health problem.

It appears if stupidity and anti-vaccine Cults were diseases, they would be as contagious and deadly as COVID-19. Remember, the antidote against COVID-19, besides common sense, is any one of the three vaccines available! Electing to use common sense can also prevent one from becoming a member of a cult.

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