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The republican witch hunt is out to impeach Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder has always been on the hot seat as the first African American Attorney General in America ...

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The “Me generation”

Well, in 2014 America the children don’t seem to give a darn about the village! ...

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Republicans’ crocodile tears over healthcare

Do Republicans, who were willing to shut down the federal government because they couldn’t repeal the ACA want us to believe they honestly care about why the health care program had problems during its initial rollout? ...

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Renisha McBride and other Black women need to be defended

It is important to note that young Black women are too often at risk ...

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Is America becoming a nation of bullies?

Is America becoming a nation of bullies? ...

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Forcing poor people to go hungry

we could be about to witness the government’s forcing the poor to go hungry – the product of political horse-trading in Washington that has erased a critical portion of the already-meager subsidy the federal food stamp program ...

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Why is there still discrimination?

Discrimination is, in fact, just about everywhere in America such as our education, employment, promotion and hiring, housing, lending, healthcare, etc. ...

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Are poor Floridians used as pawns in Scott’s healthcare war?

By not agreeing to the Medicaid expansion, Florida is losing $210 million each month ...

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The politics of dirt spawns political smoke screens

[caption id="attachment_12500" align="alignleft" width="144"] Derek Joy[/caption] The politics of dirt spawns political smoke screens By Derek Joy      And wouldn’t you just know it. The attacks are mounting. Aimed squarely at President Barack Obama. You see, the Republican Party, especially Tea Party Republicans, are having the kind of field day they have repeatedly failed to get in any other way. This tim ...

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