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Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

Nicole Nutting & Don Valentine

      She Said: Have you heard the parable about the man clinging to a tree in the midst of a flood? Twice boats came along offering to take him to safety, but he refused because God would save him. A helicopter offers to lift him out but again he refused, waiting for God to save him. He drowns and when he meets his maker he asks, “Why didn’t you save me?” God replies, “Who do you think sent you two boats and a helicopter?”

Don, if Christians believe God created all, then they must believe he gave us the brains to understand the world around us. He gave Dr. Fauci the brains to understand communicable diseases. Thus his expertise is a gift!

Don, please explain something to this agnostic. What is up with the religious folks who eschew science and medicine, but stampede to the hospital when they can’t breathe? They don’t trust doctors before they get sick, so why is medicine suddenly acceptable AFTER they do? Religion is incompatible with logic!

He Said: Wow pal, you queried the wrong person. Sure I graduated from a top 35 law school, in the top 25 percent of my class, but I’m not that smart!

To get an unbiased accurate answer, you need to ask “Our Lord and Savior”, Jesus Christ! Only he could explain that illogical theory. I will remind you that religion is based on FAITH.

Anti Vaxxer myth – #7, “ I don’t know what’s in the vaccine”? Retort: do you know what is in toprol. That is one of the most popular high blood pressure medications. No, 99.2% of the people did not go to pharmaceutical school! The people that did would tell you all the ingredients in the vaccine. You would not understand their response. You should understand that when the F.D.A. and C.D.C. said it is a safe vaccine.

The good Lord gave you a brain and the analytical ability to avoid this health catastrophe. Does Jesus Christ, our Lord, have to drive you personally to get the vaccine shot. Recall the parable?

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