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Hiding in Plain Sight for 40 Years

Where are the men? Since last fall, when Harvey Weinstein and his predator brothers were exposed for enacting poisonous masculinity, I’ve heard that question a lot. More and more women are speaking out—and, thankfully, being believed. Two simple words—”Me, too”—have sparked a movement that’s woken a lot of people up. ...

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Womens’ March, San Diego-style!

Residual rain clouds and a crisp breeze off the San Diego Bay couldn’t deter 37,000 people from assembling for the 2018 Womens’ March last weekend. Event organizers described their goal in these terms: “All year this country has been hearing from women. ...

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Republicans Will Ride with Trump Forever

After every Trump outrage, we go through a similar routine. Trump says or does something that most sane people believe to be over the top; he is roundly condemned; some Republicans shake their heads; masses of people ask that something be done…and then it all fades into the next news cycle. ...

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