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Florida Panthers: Why You Should Become a Fan

The hockey season is almost around the corner, and now might be the perfect time to catch Panthers' fever. The Florida Panthers might have missed out on the playoffs last season, but this year there is much optimism surrounding the team on the ice because of the 38-29 record the Panthers finished with last year. However, even though the Panthers still have a long way until they are looked at as a premier fr ...

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Miami Hurricanes: Why They Should Sign Mario Cristobal

If you were awake in Miami on Thursday night you could almost hear a pin drop once it hit around 11:25 pm. The Miami Hurricanes walked off the Nippert Stadium field in Cincinnati, Ohio with their first loss of the season to the Cincinnati Bearcats. Miami got tossed around in the second half only managing to score three second half points finishing with a surprising 34-23 defeat. [caption id="" align="alignr ...

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Miami Dolphins: 5 Possible New Coaching Candidates?

The Miami Dolphins have been facing difficulty when it comes to starting games and endure an even more difficult time attempting to win games. For the last three seasons, the Dolphins haven't made the playoffs and during the fourth year of the Joe Philbin era it's starting to look like the same story. Could the Dolphins need a coaching change? It might be sad to say because Joe Philbin is such a nice person ...

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Miami Dolphins: A Week Three to Remember or Forget?

Is there a reset button that someone can push in real life or at least before the beginning of a football game? The Miami Dolphins needed it, or the cheat code to life because on Sunday when they played against the Buffalo Bills for their home opener it wasn't a pretty sight to behold. Someone must have forgotten to tell the Dolphins that the season has already started because the way that they have started ...

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Miami Dolphins: Five Areas of Improvement

The Miami Dolphins haven’t lived up to the billing for the entire NFL season. Many people expected this team to compete for a playoff spot and it looks like they won’t make it anywhere close to the postseason. When fans saw them play against the Buffalo Bills, it wasn’t a pretty sight. People left the parking lot angry and hostile. Nevertheless, there is plenty of time for the Dolphins to get their act toge ...

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How Do You Lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars? At Least Ryan Tannehill Shined!

You know it's bad when fans are starting to rant about how bad the coaching is and it's only week two. We’ve all had a lot of high expectations for the Miami Dolphins this season and why wouldn’t we? They spent $100 million dollars with $60 million guaranteed to bring in the best defensive tackle in football, Ndamukong Suh. They also signed Ryan Tannehill to a long-term contract extension. On paper, this te ...

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5 Reasons the Miami Hurricanes Can Win the ACC

The Miami Hurricanes are once again on a winning streak. They've started off the season in a big way by accomplishing a 3-0. This year it's starting to finally look like the season that all of us have been waiting for. Since I don't believe in jinxes actually working, it's time to declare something major. We all should start to expect great achievements from this team. This year we all should expect this Hu ...

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FIU & FAU have legit football programs; welcome to the new age!

The times in South Florida are rapidly changing. No longer are the Miami Hurricanes the only team that needs to warrant your attention. ...

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