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Crime watchers and profiling

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Crime watchers and profiling

By Phillip L. Wright, Sr. Ph.D.

Due to July 13, 2013 recent Sanford, Florida court case of the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman for 2nd degree murder and found not guilty is a travesty of Justice for the victim, a 17 year old boy, Trayvon Benjamin Martin. This decision by the five white and one Hispanic female jurors might have been expected by those of us who can recall the past history of Black boys and young Black men who have been murdered either by white civilian men or white Policemen and most of the time they were found not guilty of the crime, and no one was held accountable for the murders. We in the Black community must unite in a permanent movement for America to establish equal justice for all people in the United States and beyond , as written in the Bill of Rights.

Americans go to war to fight for the same rights for equal justice in other countries and many young Americans die. This same kind of unequal justice in America is simply a war against young Black males and it has been going on far too long. Neighborhood Crime Watchers men and women should not Profile and approach anyone that they believe who looks suspicious to them, but can, and should call the police to handle the situation. They should not leave their vehicles to pursue anyone by foot to follow, as the law should dictate as being illegal according to a new law we need to re-write about profiling.

We must change many of these laws that can be used to defend criminals and not the victims. Our Judicial System of Judges and Attorneys must be monitored by an independent panel to assure that equal justice is always administered properly and by the law which is suppose to be for all people. We may like to say many times a crime is not racially motivated, but that is just a mith to keep the truth from exacerbating the reality of a situation. If someone continues to beat an animal, in time that animal will begin to defend itself by any means necessary. We as humans must remember that we are our brothers’ keepers and we do not have to fear each other, which is preventing us from being at peace with each other. We are not animals even though at times we act as such, but we are civilized humans on this earth. We must also have a belief in a higher being other than ourselves to know that we have guidance and protection from that higher being who is GOD.


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