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First Degree Program PBS TV

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

First Degree Program PBS TV

Written by Dr. Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

As I watched the program on PBS television called First Degree, I realized that the inmate recidivism rate back to prison could possibly be due to those stockholders who receive stock dividends in the prison system. The American prisons today are for Profit owned by stock holders to make money. The stock holders who have invested in the prison system seem not to have an interest in the inmates education if and when they could be released back on the outside. The college degree programs in the American prisons have decreased from 350 down to 12 today in 2017 even with the successes. It could possibly be because of the money earned by the stockholders to keep inmates incarcerated in prison beds for $60,000 each annually. Additionally, it is also funded by the American Tax Payers.  The rate of incarceration for Blacks is much greater than others. The inmate population continues the dividend payments. The cost to educate the inmates in the College degree program is $54,000 annually. Tell me who are keeping inmates incarcerated in the American prison system today and why? You do the math.

Let us bring back the College Degree Programs in our Prison system again to create productive tax paying citizens once they have served their time from incarceration and are released back into society.  It will be more productive and economical to our communities. In our society those same released college degree graduate inmates would also be able to help teach the younger ones to learn a better way to live without a life of serious and assorted crimes. We should all see the logic in this plan and how it works.




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