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GB Pharma Holdings strategically positions itself in Africa for distribution and contribution to reducing HIV/AIDS with wonder drug, LodonalTM

21ST-INTERNATIONALGB Pharma Holdings strategically positions itself in Africa for distribution and contribution to reducing HIV/AIDS with wonder drug, LodonalTM

      WASHINGTON, D.C. — Durban, South Africa was once again the setting for the largest HIV/AIDS Conferences on global health and development issues in the world. This year’s 21st International AIDS conference was a call to action to bring together people lacking access to comprehensive treatment prevention, support and care and unite them with the theme, “No one must be left behind.”

Dr. Gloria B. Herndon, president and CEO of GB Pharma Holdings, Washington, D.C., was amongst the many prominent visitors at this year’s July conference.

During her meetings with the ‘Champions for AIDS’, made up of a group of former African Heads of State, President Joyce Banda of Malawi lauded Dr. Herndon for her hard work and the successes with LodonalTM, the break-through drug, that has been approved to strengthen weakened immune systems compromised by HIV/AIDS.

President Banda told the audience that LodonalTM is a treatment regime that should be made available to all in need in Africa. “After successful trial and approval in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Malawi, GB Pharma is now in a position to do exactly that,” Dr. Herndon said. “Both GB Pharma Holdings and Nigeria’s Fidson Healthcare Plc believe we are prepared to market the drug in Nigeria and beyond. LodonalTM is not only innovative, but it is also economically sustainable at about a one dollar per day. Together we hope to guarantee that no one is left behind, and our hard work and excellent product will be used successfully at serving humanity.”

Participants in the 21st AIDS Conference were a part of a very special meeting where the intersection of science, advocacy, and human rights became the seeds for successful strategic sessions. “What I witnessed,” Dr. Herndon said, “is the unanimous dedication amongst world health care leaders to decrease the viral load of opportunistic infections”

During the four-day conference, which brought together 18,000 prominent researchers, clinicians, policy and program planners, and public health and community practitioners, and international personalities like founding patrons Sir Elton John and Prince Harry, Dr. Herndon met with key champions for AIDS, UNAIDS and other organizations. In each of her meetings, she made a compassionate presentation on the effects of LodonalTM at reducing the viral load by bringing attention to the excellent results of the Nigerian 90-day bridging trial. “As part of the Immune Therapeutics family,” she said during a panel discussion in which she participated, “we are all extremely proud to be part of not only just a solution but a strategic solution for the issues expressed by so many during the conference.”

The panel discussion, which was hosted by the UNAIDS Director for West and Central Africa, Dr. Djibril Diallo, focused on the UNAIDS Emergency Plan for West and Central Africa [Fast Track]. Other participants in the panel discussion included representatives of UNAIDS, Global Fund, WHO, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International, Minister of Health from Cote d’Ivoire and Nigerian Director General of the Nigerian National AIDS Council (NAC).

“I am very proud of my work with LodonalTM,” Dr. Herndon said in conclusion. “This innovative, non-toxic adjunct treatment for HIV/AIDS is expected to booster the immune system and improve the quality of life for thousands of people suffering from a compromised immune system. I am hopeful that in the years to come all my hard work and this excellent product will serve humanity well.”

GB Pharma Holdings is a global Pharmaceutical company with expertise in defining policies, facilitating approvals, distribution and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Additionally, it is a comprehensive pharmaceutical management and consulting service agency, a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor, and a conduit for accessing quality international pharmaceutical and medical products.


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