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God goes with his people through faith

God goes with his people through faith

By Dr. Lorraine Alexander

     The story of the three Hebrew boys gives to us perfect example of God’s love for his children!

Sometimes we feel and think that God is no where near our circumstances, but I am here to tell you he isn’t only near, he is with us in them. Whatever your fire is he is there with you, cooling the flames for you. As the old hymn says; “Walk with me Lord.” Allow the Lord to walk through the fire with you. Believe me his love for us dictates that he will do it. Yet as a gentleman, he does not force himself into our troubles. With mercy and grace he is looking and waiting for us just to say, help! Walk with me Lord, come on and walk with me. Immediately he steps right in and begins to cool the flames and like the three Hebrew boys we will come out of the fire without the smell of smoke.


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