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Husband ends marriage of 26 years by killing his wife and himself

Valerie and Gregory Robinson

Valerie and Gregory Robinson

Husband ends marriage of 26 years by killing his wife and himself

Valerie and Gregory Robinson

Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

It seems that one should be able to overcome hurdles in their marriage, especially after being together for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Gregory Robinson of Brookshire, TX, left his entire community in shock when he decided to end his wife’s life, 49-year-old Valerie Robinson, and his own life in a heart-breaking murder-suicide shooting.

On Friday morning, Gregory Robinson spotted his estranged wife walking into her place of employment at a high school in Katy Independent School District and shot her in the back with a shotgun. He then drove off in his truck and retreated to his home, where the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office reports he barricaded himself during a standoff with police for several hours until he took his own life. The couple was married for 26 years and had three children and several grandchildren.

The siblings of Valerie Robin-son admitted that the couple had an abusive relationship, stating that Valerie Robinson left her husband several times, but would return to give him another chance. “She wanted to make it work,” Clarissa Cole-man, Valerie Robinson’s sister, told local news reporters. “When she thought he changed or something changed, she’d come back, and it was the same thing again and she’d leave again. That was basically it.” Audrey Ephran, another sister, recalls asking Valerie why she’d left Gregory. “She told me out of her own mouth. I asked her, ‘Why, why, why did you leave?’” said Ephran. “And she told me, ‘Because he hit me.’ And I said, ‘OK.’ And she said, ‘I’m not going back.’”

A family friend described Valerie as pleasant and added that Gregory stayed to himself. “She was just a pleasant person, you know, I have to let you know that she was a very pleasant person,” said Laticia Upshaw, a friend. “A lot of times that I saw him [Gregory Robinson], he was pretty much to himself. From time to time, you know, you’d see things that weren’t too pleasant.”

It seems as if the adage that marriage gets easier with time is untrue. An 80-year-old woman shocked the nation when she killed her husband of many decades for “talking smart” to her. The woman is currently facing first-degree murder charges and will more than likely live out the remainder of her life in prison.


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