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MuHammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia

Muhammad-AliMuHammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia

From YourBlackWorld

     Everyone loves Muhammad Ali, and he was one of the greatest athletes of all-time, if not the greatest. But he’s been a shadow of himself for the last 30 years, suffering from a debilitating ailment that has kept him from being the flashy, sharp man that he once was.

Now, it’s being reported by that Al is in the hospital with mild pneumonia.   The 72-year old former superstar has been battling Parkinson’s disease for quite some time.  His brother, Rahman, says that Ali is now too sick to speak, according to the Courier-Journal.   But the family spokesperson seems to be saying something different on Twitter, claiming that the champ is fine.

Bob Gunnell, the family spokesperson, said “His speaking style is lower in tone, and as the day goes on, he doesn’t speak as well as he does in the morning. But Muhammad’s a strong person for his age and for the disease he has.”

BOSSes, do you ever think we’ll have another Muhammad Ali?  If you’ll recall, Ali lost the ability to box during the peak years of his career because he chose to fight the federal government on the Vietnam War.  His view was that with Black men fighting so much racism in America, there was no reason for them to go overseas and fight against an enemy that they don’t even know.

President Obama recently compared LeBron James to Muhammad Ali for wearing a t-shirt with the words “I Can’t Breathe” on them.  Do you think that LeBron’s actions should be compared with Ali?

Would LeBron give up the chance to play basketball to stand up for an important issue? But of course, Ali set the bar so high that it would be tough for any athlete to compete. That’s why he’s always been known as “The Greatest.”

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