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PED’s and Baseball

Byler E. Henry

Byler E. Henry

From a youthful perspective

PED’s and Baseball

By Byler E. Henry

The long ball era in baseball is well known for the home run hits and for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s/steroids) used by some players.

Steroids were banned from MLB in 1991, but were not tested for until 2003. In the competitive sport of baseball some athletes turn to using PED’s to gain an unfair advantage.

I thought to myself; is using steroids in baseball cheating. I came to the conclusion that it is cheating.

Steroids increase strength, muscle mass, and endurance along with harmful short and long term side effects. Some of these effects are extra hair growth, deeper voice, acne, cancer risks, risk of heart and liver disease, high blood pressure, and other harmful effects.

I also asked myself this question, although using anabolic steroids is cheating should users be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Sure they have a slight edge, but they have to have a little bit of skill to be able to put up worthy HOF (Hall of Fame) numbers.

I came to the conclusion that they should be allowed in with an asterisk next to their name. It should be taking into account how long they’ve used PED’s, whether it was a one-time thing or if it was used for years.

It should also be noted whether they admitted to it or if they have constantly lied and denied it.

The Mitchell Report named athletes who allegedly used PED’s, some have admitted, others have tested positive, and few haven’t been found innocent or guilty.

Some of these players include Barry Bonds (leftfielder who played for the Pirates and the Giants has been accused), brothers Jason and Jeremy Giambi (admitted to taking), Roger Clemons (former Yankees) who’s trainer, Brian McNamee says he injected Clemons in the butt four times over several weeks. Mark McGwire (denied at first, admitted in 2010), David Ortiz (Red Sox first basemen tested positive in 2003), Manny Ramirez (suspended 50 days in 2009 for taking HCG), Alex Rodriguez ( tested positive in 2003 admitted usage from 2001-2003), Sammy Sosa (the New York Times reported he tested positive for a banned substance in 2003) and Ryan Braun (suspended for the final 65 games for the rest of this season.)

Many players in the report, clean today haven’t tested positive recently. I respect players more who admit to using than those who deny it constantly even when there is a mountain of evidence stacked against them.

It’s not fair for a Hall of Famer who worked hard to have his record broken or come close to it by a cheater who can go into the HOF over someone else who didn’t cheat without being recognized by an asterisk.

Some say they shouldn’t go into the Hall at all. “The thing is, do you put these guys in, or do you put an asterisk beside their names and say, ‘Hey, they did it, but here’s why?’ To be safe, that’s the only way I see that you can do it.” – Hank Aaron (A TRUE Hall of Famer who is now second behind Barry Bonds on the all-time home run list.)


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