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The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida brings the “Florida Speaks Tour” to Miami

DBCFThe Democratic Black Caucus of Florida brings the “Florida Speaks Tour” to Miami

In light of recent events in the state of Florida, The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, the office of State Senator Dwight Bullard, and Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials have come together to launch the “Florida Speaks Tour” scheduled to make its stop in Miami, Fla. on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013 at St. Agnes Episcopal Church. The Florida Speaks tour is a series of town hall assemblies allowing residents of Florida the opportunity to publicly address their frustrations and hardships as a result of violations to their civil liberties, racial profiling, “Stand Your Ground” law, overuse of law enforcement in schools, and lack of access to suitable healthcare.

“Too often Floridians feel as though Tallahassee is out of touch with the day to day challenges that they face,” Senator Bullard stated. “This is an opportunity to allow those voices to be heard, so that we can create solutions based around some of their most pressing concerns.”

Henry Crespo, president of the Democratic Black Caucus added, “As an organization we are dedicated to addressing voter concerns. This effort helps to raise the collective voices of residents across this great state that have been negatively impacted by current policies. We stand committed towards taking proactive steps in this much needed effort.”

“When I travel around Florida and speak to voters, I hear one constant refrain: why aren’t our leaders in Tallahassee listening to us? From chronically underfunded public schools to voter suppression, the establishment in Tallahassee is failing working Floridians. The Florida Speaks Tour is a vital chance for all of us to be heard on the crucial issues facing our state – and that’s the first step to changing our state,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

Throughout the tour the office of Senator Bullard will be collecting and documenting the testimonies of town hall participants in an effort to bring awareness to lawmakers, the governor, and his cabinet, to the many issues plaguing residents across the state. These town halls are expected to set in motion the creation of an action plan to address these concerns and decrease the potential of further hardships to Floridians.

“The Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (FBC LEO) supports the efforts of State Senator Bullard and encourages the citizens of Florida to come out to these tours and speak up for change. With your testimonials Senator Bullard will be in a better position to affect the change this State needs,” said Hayward Benson, immediate past president, FBC LEO.


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