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What Kavanaugh Means For Us


By Pedro Baez

Make no mistake. If you’re a rightwing conservative, Brett Kavanaugh is your guy. If you’re a progressive, then Brett Kavanaugh isn’t your friend. The selection of this nominee is something that will most definitely outlive those of us who were 60’s radicals as well as our children maybe.

If you want clean air, poison free water, reasonable gun laws, and voting rights, this individual will be the new ‘Iron Curtain’ when it comes to enjoying these liberties. Kavanaugh will put forth an agenda that will not only water down these rights, but will make more difficult to fight for them.

If there ever was a time to agitate, educate, and organize this is it. We all have a job to do. We need to put forth a full court press. We need to educate the uninformed and get them to see that all is not right. What’s happening to others will eventually happen to them.

Just ask those who said Hitler wouldn’t last.

They can’t answer because they perished.

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