11-year-old African American Kid CEO and family create a new birthday tradition with Happy the Birthday Bird and want to donate some of his books and plush gift sets to children hospitalized with COVID 19 to give them comfort, hope, and security

 Like The Tooth Fairy, This Keepsake Plush & Book Creates A Family Ritual

      (BLACK PR WIRE) RALEIGH, NC – Move over Tooth Fairy and that elf lying on some shelf. Happy The Birthday Bird ($39.99) has landed! Happy is here to create an annual tradition for the one 24-hour holiday that every kid celebrates no matter where they live, how they pray, or family income. Incredibly, the toy industry has not come up with a Happy Birthday-centric toy until mompreneur Monica Goodson walked around the American International Toy Fair earlier this year. She just knew she had something special to share with children everywhere.

In fact, it was one of those ideas that retailers and parents say in retrospect, why didn’t I think of that? Happy The Birthday Bird is the first of its kind in the Toy and Gift Industry and Happy Products, LLC is the first African American Company in the toy industry to develop a birthday character plush toy and book set. Jersey Shore shoppers in Ocean City, NJ are the first to see Happy The Birthday Bird at retailer Salty Treasurers. Online and in-store orders are “flying” off the shelves. Happy The Birthday Bird was highlighted in the October 2019 and February 2020 Toy Book editions and recently featured on the Toy Insider https://www.thetoyinsider.com/happy-the-birthday-bird/ on July 13th, 2020.

“Happy The Birthday Bird is a plush toy and book set inspired by my son Mylen for his 8th birthday,” explains Goodson. “Happy’s story creates a family ritual and countdown to every child’s birthday. Start a week or so before their special day to make this birthday the most memorable one yet!”

Happy transitioned from an idea into a market-ready product, thanks to the guidance and design work from the team at Dibzy. Dibzy is a group of industry experts with experience creating products for Walt Disney, Hasbro, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, etc. The combination of a make-you-smile huggable plush and book set is meant to make every child feel extra special and loved on their birthday. Happy also spreads a positive message about overcoming obstacles as told in his 36-page storybook written by award-winning author Megan Lacera. The gift set keeps birthday memories in a special place year after year — including a back pocket to safeguard annual cards and snapshots.

Beyond the hold-in-your hand gift set, Happy The Birthday Bird features creative multimedia extensions, such as two original birthday songs and a dance, fun animations, digital versions of the memory pages and online downloads such as party invitations.

“Through social media you’ll meet Mylen, our kid CEO,” adds Goodson, who is a military veteran. “He’s an adorable and frequent presence on Happy The Birthday Bird Facebook and Instagram pages.”

Since birthdays are about sweet treats and spoiling (in a good way!) parents and kids discover Mylen wearing a chef’s hat on social media as families attempt Grandma Frosting’s Cookie Recipe. Happy The Birthday Bird’s outreach on Facebook and Instagram is a resourceful and inspiring page with unexpected surprises like free downloadable coloring pages. Happy spreads empathy to everyone in the house as stay-near-home orders make social media outreach even more important.

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