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19 Black women win Judiciary seats in Houston, Texas

#Houston19: All 19 of the Houston County African American Female Judges up for election WON!

The mid-term elections in the United States of America have recorded so many success stories for African Americans in the country as it appears that not only are they finally finding their feet and stepping out to contest for public offices but are being elected into different positions across the country.

We thought we had heard it all when news broke that former Somali refugee Ilhan Omar  had won a seat in Congress to represent Minnesota, but we were wrong as that perhaps was just a tip of the iceberg.

Reports coming out of Houston, Tex., confirm that all 19 African American women who contested for various seats as Judges in Harris County all won their election. Yes, you read it right- all 19 of them !

    Q     Indeed, those who fought for the emancipation of Blacks did not fight in vain. In the past, the thought of a Black woman becoming a judge in the United States could warrant death.

This year, the number of Black female candidates represented in the elections is the largest ever recorded in the history of Texas and it is believed that the victory and acceptance of the #Houston19 (as they are referred to on social media) will spur more African American women to turn out in subsequent elections.

After the above cover photo was released in September, it became obvious to the world that all 19 women were on a mission and saw this coming, as they had taken the group photo as early as one month be-fore the elections.

Reacting after the photo was released, one of the newly elected Judges, LaShawn A. Williams, took to Facebook to share her excitement saying:

“I’ve waited for the reveal of this photo of 19 judicial candidates for several weeks – 19 Black women running for judge in Harris County, Houston, Tex.

“This entire time I’ve thought of what I’d say the day we were able to share this moment in history with everyone. But really, I’m humbled.

“Never did I imagine that the day I decided to run to be judge, I’d become a part of a club of phenomenal Black women, sisters-in-law, gifted, brilliant, strong – everything I hope to be!

“It is with great pride and excitement that I share this “Black Girl Magic” with you! Congratulations – you are truly black girl magic! #trustblackwomen #blackgirlmagictx #lawforjudge #19newfacesofjustice

We wish our heroines wisdom to dispatch their duties and we are very proud of their achievements.

It is a good day to be African, isn’t it?



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