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Do you know who invented Kevlar?

     Did you know that one of the most useful fibers in the world was created by a female? This remarkable woman is a Polish American chemist named Stephanie Louise Kwolek. She was working for an American chemical company named DuPont when she discovered this material.


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Meet 6-year-old Businessman – Braydon “Limmonad Man” Burton

   When we were six years old, a lot of us were probably focused on playing Hide and Go Seek, racing on bikes, playing Hopscotch and then enjoying a nice Lilly Dilly. How things were going to get paid for, was not a priority, but we were always reminded that “money did not grow on trees.” Well, at the innocent age of six, Braydon Burton, known in the community as Limmonad Man, has managed to balance both work and play. […]