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Meet 6-year-old Businessman – Braydon “Limmonad Man” Burton

Businessman – Braydon “Limmonad Man “Burton

Meet 6-year-old Businessman – Braydon “Limmonad Man” Burton

By Rochelle Davis-Cox

When we were six years old, a lot of us were probably focused on playing Hide and Go Seek, racing on bikes, playing Hopscotch and then enjoying a nice Lilly Dilly. How things were going to get paid for, was not a priority, but we were always reminded that “money did not grow on trees.” Well, at the innocent age of six, Braydon Burton, known in the community as Limmonad Man, has managed to balance both work and play.

At a certain age we learned the spelling of lemonade, even though but not impossible imagine trying to spell it or pronouncing it at five years old. Well, that’s exactly when Braydon started his business with the support of his parents Brandon and Katrice Burton. Although he now knows how to spell lemonade, he will keep the original branding as it has and will set him apart from other companies. Braydon’s parents left the creativity up to him, allowing him to make some decisions and branding his own company.

His inspiration came from his grandfather, Robert “Bobcat” Burton. Braydon’s grandparents previously owned a BBQ business. Recently his grandfather, along with his father, considered restarting the business venture and Braydon wanted to join the team. Braydon credits his grandfather for doing what he loves through food and beverage, an experience he saw at the family cookouts and other functions. Braydon is now the go-to person for drinks at most cookouts.

Not only does his family support him, but he has caught the eye of local restaurants as well. Businesses in Broward and Miami-Dade County are catching wind of Braydon’s signature drinks:

Original, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and more. His products are already known at the World Famous House of Mac located in Miami (Wynwood area), as well as Pompano Beach, Fla at Pompano Crab Man.

Despite his success and popularity, Braydon is still the typical kid that has to abide by rules. “I go to school… I like to read books, then I play video games on PlayStation, and play sports”, stated Braydon. His father, Brandon, explained that although he is in sports, he is not forced to play those sports. “it’s up to him, and I am not the type who will try to live my life through my son. I just want to keep him motivated and help him learn how to be independent. If he learns at an early age, even better because his little brother will see that too”. His mother, Katrice, added that their first priority is education. “If he does not earn good grades, he will not be able to sell or engage in fun events. He does not get excused from punishment just because he’s a business owner; he still has to follow rules and get an education”, she stated.

The “Limmonad Man” also contributes his time to help educate others on how to follow their passion and become a kid entrepreneur. One of the events included partnering with Jesus Supernatural Church in Pompano Beach, where they speak to youths about business, creating affirmations, give them skit scripts to practice making a commercial, and invite other small business owners out to show the youths that people who look like them are in business, too. The purpose of the events is  to encourage them that no matter your circumstance, your neighborhood, your living environment, in or out the home, that there is more to come and that it is possible. His parents noted that the overwhelming support and encouragement from their community and fellow parents especially at his games, have brought joy to their family.

The compensation does not go towards just material things, candy, or clothing. Braydon explained he likes to save his money for “my college fund, traveling the world, paving the way for little brother, and most importantly my tithes.” He looks forward to joining his little brother with cotton candy, thus his brother may be known as the “Candy Man”. There’s no question  if his product is that good because from experience, he is well known, and when he attends parades with his drink, he sells out in couple of hours!

His parents’ greatest moment is witnessing Braydon growing into his purpose. The fact that he’s accomplishing goals that some adults have yet to reach has inspired other business owners and his family. He aims to add merchandise for sale with his logo, to his stream of business. In the near future, Braydon looks forward to being a part of generational wealth stemming from his grand-father’s, “Bobcat” skills. Coming up next, he will be joining a football training camp with Hard Count Athletics, which is a program where he gets to tra-vel to different states, sell his lemonade, and interact with top NFL players including, Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Stee-lers), Tyrann Mathieu (Arizona Cardinals), Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals), Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), Josh Norman (Washington Red-skins), Phillip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers), Eric Weddel (Baltimore Ravens) and more. He will also travel to support the grand openings of other kid entrepreneurs so that he may see and learn from others that are doing what he is doing – being a kid with a vision of making money.


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