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ON THE SCENE WITH Crystal Chanel and Audrey Aaron

If nothing else, we have learned in 2018, good or bad, what we think about is what we bring about. And with that knowledge, we move from 2018 into 2019 believing we can actually do and be all things. Unfortunately, when tragedy strikes, we lose focus, or we tend to forget that endless possibilities are in fact our portion. Accordingly, here are a few tips to help you set and accomplish goals throughout 2019:

  1. Have a VISION for the year.At the end of December and even through February of the following year, vision boards and goal setting parties are all the rave. It’s the expected, sometimes overrated, and often taken for granted trend that will continue from now until the end of time. And let me tell you, I’m totally here for it! In fact, I encourage you to allow your vision to live beyond the board and social gatherings. Instead, visualize the things that you want for yourself, write them down and then verbalize them frequently. In fact, why don’t you take out a sheet of paper right now, number it 1 to 10 and write down the top 10 goals you

want to accomplish in 2019. Huffingtonpost.com reports that “97% of adults never make a list of their goals.” It also reports, “people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them than the ones who didn’t.”

2.Set a THEME:Did you know you could decree and declare a thing? You can name your year, according to how you’ve visualized it. This could be your year of “success”, “endless possibilities”, or even Crystal’s personal favorite, “sweat less victories.” It could be your year of “divine health”, “redemption”, or even “total prosperity.” This is a personal choice that requires you to be alone with your goals establishing confidence in your vision. However, be mindful not to limit yourself or to box God in. As my pastor says, you serve a big G God who “desires nothing more than to take you from glory to glory.”

3. Pick a GOAL FRIENDHere is another little-known fact. Not only does writing your goals down improve your chances of accomplishment, so does telling a friend. Huffintonpost.com also reported that “having an accountability partner increases your chances of accomplishment from 42% percent 78%.” Ironically, we all may have to abandon cultural ideas that reinforce that we shouldn’t share our goals or that we should keep our vision to ourselves. On the contrary, we should be goal ambassadors or our own goals unapologetically embracing our goals with at least one goal cheerleader who will also speak positivity and encourage us on our respective journey.

With respect to the three tips above, Crystal and I are actively scheduling mastermind sessions, team conference calls, and even strategic family meetings. We are mapping out our 2019 by season, by month and by goals. We are goal setting for all areas of our lives, including friendships, romance, career, money, family and spirituality. We are affirmed by past experiences and testimonies of victory, and we know that goal setting brings balance, increases confidence and can ultimately change the trajectory of your life. Crystal’s story of a secretary turned tech boss is the stuff dreams are made of, and she credits her success to writing the vision, making it plain, verbally affirming it and being conscious enough to aligning herself with success partners throughout her journey. And for that reason, I am excited to be a part of the Press Release family, and for 2019, we invite you to align yourself with On the Scene. Connect with us and provide feedback to help bring column topics that will inspire, motivate and encourage you to #justpressrelease on setting and accomplishing your goals.

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