2020 Black Political Predictions

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

I hope all of The Gantt Report readers are enjoying the holiday season. 2019 had its share of ups and downs, but when you’re down you can rebound!

I’ve done a considerable amount of work with many of America’s Black religious leaders. I’ve worked with Rev. Henry Lyons, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Imam W.D. Muhammad, Rev. John Greene, Bishop A.J.  Richardson, Imam Muhammad Siddeeq, Bishop Victor Curry, Babba Celo Crespo and others.

Some preachers, not any of the men mentioned previously, but some religious leaders say they have talked with God.

Good for them but that’s not how I communicate with Oludumare. I can tell you from experience that when it’s time to make an important choice and I don’t know what to do, God will send me a sign.

When I was in Florida, home alone with what I thought was a serious health issue, God made me realize I needed to go back home to Atlanta to be near my family.

Now, I’m no niggademus, or prophet, but God sent me signs that suggest 2020 will be an opportunity for African Americans to rise above the current division, hatred and despair being experienced daily by Black men, woman and babies.

Well, if you don’t know yourself, you’ll never be able to find yourself and never be able to fix yourself!

In 2020, everything politically will depend on the Black votes cast in every primary and general election.

Yes, Black votes matter and Black strategies scatter!

Black political pundits are all over the place. As they always do, Black politicos endorsed too early, contributed too much too early and sold Black people out for “minimum wage” campaign jobs! I say minimum because no Black campaign workers will get paid like white campaign workers.

Why is 2020 so important? For one, Demonic Donald Trump will be reelected if there is not an extraordinary turnout of Black voters. The Democratic plan of registering Black voters with no plan to get Blacks motivated enough to go to the polls will fail miserably if the best, most expert and highly influential Black community activists and political professionals are ignored, rejected and discredited.

It’s no secret. Democratic national and state party operations hire mostly white men, recommended and approved by white male contributors that suggest they can get white folk to vote Democratic.

They should be on Def Comedy Jam because that strategy is a joke! Many, many white Democrats are voting for Trump and other Republicans.

White males left the Democratic Party in numbers years ago and may never ever come back.

Democrats must spend money to generate huge numbers of Black, Hispanic, white women, students and other votes and that money can’t be spent with losers that don’t know how to win a rat race.

The most important reason for Black voters to turn out is self survival.

Let me explain: Negroes love their Negro mayors and other elected officials.

If you don’t know, political reapportionment is right around the corner and will proceed immediately after census data is collected.

You don’t need the census to see that gentrification has orchestrated major changes in major urban areas,

Whites are moving back into the cities and Blacks are being pushed out. When Black voters go down the drain, Black Mayors and other elected officials may get flushed down the toilet!

In 2020 vote for yourself, vote for your family and vote for your community.

Put yourself first and vote against candidates, politicians and political parties that put you last!

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