Black-Owned Newspapers and Media Companies Are Small Businesses Too!

     “Dear World, the entire planet is feeling the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic,” Cheryl Smith of Texas Metro News wrote to her readers. “We must be concerned about ourselves, as well as others. You may be aware that the media is considered ‘essential.’ So, guess what? We have a responsibility, a moral obligation to use this status to be a source of information, support, and inspiration, just as we are at all other times,” Smith wrote. […]

Local News

A Coronavirus Update from Congressman Alcee Hastings

     As the entire world continues to feel the  impacts of the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), here at home, we are also witnessing the incredible bravery of Florida’s frontline workers – including healthcare workers, first responders, farmers and food industry workers, grocery staff, delivery and postal workers, and other essential employees. I am awe-inspired by these workers’ daily acts of heroism and will continue fighting in Congress to address the urgent needs of all workers, including those who are unemployed, families, and small businesses in Florida. […]

National News

13-Year-Old Paris Brown Recalls Her Coronavirus Awakening

     And even when more and more reports of deaths from the virus came piling up, I still did not take it seriously enough. Then one day, mom said she was not feeling good, and that was the start of it all. In my head, I thought that’s just mom being mom. She sometimes doesn’t feel well. Then when dad got sick, mom stayed in her room, and dad stayed in the basement. I, of course, thought this was unnecessary. […]



      An acquaintance in the entertainment industry once explained to me why a project we were working on was stalled.  He said we were getting “The Long No.” […]