Freedom  ain’t free and neither is Safety in BCPS

   Reorganizing a company as large as BCPS can have its challenges, but Super Cartwright just makes it look so grossly unfair. I was disappointed, but not at all surprised to learn that a correction had to be made to the Spanish version of the Referendum. Ballots have been printed and early voting has begun, yet someone at Broward Schools (of course, not Cartwright as she has a history of pointing the finger of blame to someone else) failed to ensure the language was correct on the ballot; therefore, a correction has been created. But, how will voters be informed? […]


With Midterm Elections Looming, America Need A Summer Of Activism

      This summer, our nation has witnessed a series of disturbing milestones. From the rollback of gun safety measures amid back-to-back massacres to the historic repeal of Roe v. Wade to the stripping of EPA powers to protect our planet despite the existential threat of climate change, one reality stands out: Our freedoms are under attack. The U.S. Supreme Court has methodically chipped away at our rights to make decisions about our own bodies, to live free of gun violence, and even survive on an inhabitable planet — and is signaling they would undermine LGBTQ+ rights as well. […]