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AVENGER-IMG_20140414_142827Car flips over and bursts into flames while fleeing from MDPD

The driver of a white Dodge Avenger tries to evade the police, and runs a red light – hits a Toyota and flips over several times and burst into flames with 5 passengers including a child. (Photo credit Carrie Horton & Tracy Hawkins)

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

Instead of pulling over as requested by the Miami-Dade Police Department [MDPD] the driver of a white Dodge Avenger attempted to escape and hit a Toyota, which caused the Dodge to flip over several times and catch on fire.

The incident occurred in the Brownsville subdivision where the fleeing vehicle contained five passengers that included a small child were extracted by MDPD to keep them from getting burned alive.

“I was checking my mailbox, when I heard all of the commotion,” said Carrie Horton, 49, during an interview at her home. “I saw the car flip over and burst into flames.”

Horton says MDPD tried to put out the flames as they extracted the passengers but the vehicle just kept burning.

She wonders why MDPD

had their weapons drawn as they rescued all of the passengers that appeared to be African American.

According to Detective Roy Rutland, Spokesman for MDPD there was a Be on the Look out (BOLO) for a white Dodge Avenger, and when the Robbery Intervention Detail (RID) spotted the suspected vehicle they ordered the driver to stop – but he didn’t.

A police chase ensued and the Dodge ran a red light – hit the Toyota and barreled over several times before landing in front of a house along 46th Street just before 17th Avenue.

“Our units were in pursuit of the Dodge, but we backed off,” said Rutland. “Five people including a child were transported to Jackson. The driver is in the most serious condition.”

Furthermore, Rutland says that a weapon was confiscated from the vehicle.

He pointed out that a white Dodge Avenger was on their radar screen because this was the description of a car that was used during a robbery at a social club on 46th Street and 29th Avenue on Sunday night.

Tracy Hawkins, 21, was inside his house and heard the entire disturbance and came outside only to see a very un-pleasant sight.

“All I saw were people laid out all over the ground,” said Hawkins. “Their faces were completely covered with blood.”


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