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2nd Annual Boxing National Qualifiers and Championship Series Kicks off in South Florida

2nd-Annual-Boxing42nd Annual Boxing National Qualifiers and Championship Series Kicks off in South Florida

By Byler E. Henry

Saturday afternoon many young boxers gathered at Joseph C. Carter Park to step in the ring and compete. Set up in the gym two rings side by side to give fans a double view of the action. Sugar Bert Boxing promotions hosted the double elimination non-ranking championship tournament which gave the young boxers of all weight classes a chance to compete.

Hosted by the renowned, Bert “Sugar Bert” Wells, the competition features amateur boxers, one of whom is Evan Holyfield and special guest attendees including his father, Evander Holyfield, former cruiser weight and heavyweight boxing champion, multiple-time, two-weight world champion Michael Moorer, former star of MTV reality show “Cage” Matt “Danger” Scnell and former StrikeForce Light Heavyweight Champion and Rizin Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion, King Mo Lawal.

2nd-Annual-Boxing224Bert Wells has big dreams and ideas for Sugar Bert Promotions. “I hope that USA boxing turns this tournament into a ranking tournament.” He says. “Ranking tournament, developing and creating a platform for television to come in and start catching some of this footage and putting it on air advertising and promoting some of these sponsors that are involved with amateur boxing. “There are some amateur sports such as football, baseball, and tennis shown on tv but not much amateur boxing. This is definitely something that he wants to change. “Let’s get tv involved, let’s get CBS, NBC, ESPN, ESPN3, TV One, there’s a ton of stations that can cover these types of events.”

Sugar Bert Promotions is trying to gain TV exposure for its boxers who sign up for qualifying rounds which is between 400 and 700. Not only is he trying to eventually get TV involved, Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions also has future plans to expand to over 100 cities. Partnering with its sponsors by going to four different cities to host amateur boxing events annually for the National Qualifier Championships, which will advance to the Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions National Championship.

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bert got a chance this year to host the boxing tournament in his hometown. Many talented young boxers displayed their skills in the ring.  Seeing all the talent out there, you never know who will turn out to be a star. Up and coming young boxer Xander Zayais on his way to stardom. Boxing at the 110-pound weight class, he has been hitting the gym and putting in the work to shine. “I was watching it since I was little, I want to be a professional boxer like Miguel Cotto,” he says. Being influenced at a young age, he asked his dad if he could box, and he took him to the gym. With his 99-11 fighting record his hard work shows. In the words of the former Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich, “Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.”

The talent is right in front of your eyes.


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