A community street clean-up event to help wipe the slate clean for our teens

Street Sweepers
Street Sweepers

A community street clean-up event to help wipe the slate clean for our teens

Cleaning up our community for the future of our teens…

Street Sweepers.

By Staff writer

      Embracing Team Inc. a 501 © 3 non-profit organization created to re-shape the way youth in our community think about teen pregnancy and parenthood has incorporated a Street Sweepers Program to help educate youth and the community on the importance of keeping our community clean.

     On Saturday, April 13, 2013 Embracing Team Inc. Street Sweepers Program kicked off its first community-wide event entitled, “Street Sweepers Community Clean up Day. Embracing Team Inc. took the initiative to adopt the streets entirely around Blanche Ely High School, Pompano Beach, Florida in efforts of providing a clean slate for all students making strides toward success. helping them to forget all past problems, failure or mistakes and start over again.

     Laquellia Harvard, 17, says, “This is a much needed program in our community to help keep  our schools clean and litter-free by picking up empty cans, bottles, paper, etc. I learned so much and now I will think twice about throwing my candy wrappers on the ground.”

     “To take part in a program that takes an interest in the environmental conditions of learning I am all for it!,” Harvard said.

     Community and student volunteers were given materials and safety instructions before the clean up. Several community volunteers thought it was necessary to bring their children along for the experience.

     “ I brought all five of my kids out for the event, because it’s important that they learn about how throwing trash on the ground effects our neighbor-hoods,” said Chamunna Zapport.

     “Just to witness the thrill and enthusiasm of the younger kids was refreshing, kids are never too young to learn something,” said Michelin Almonord, Vice President of ETI.

     As the group collected trash along the perimeter of the school (on Sixth Avenue, to 10th Street, and ending on Ninth Street) many spectators stopped and commended our efforts, and inquired about the next clean up day. “It just goes to show how positivity rubs off. Many times all it takes is the initiative to encourage others to get involved,” said Milo Wilson. Embracing Team Inc. and Street Sweepers wants to lead this community in a clean and healthy direction for the prosperity of our students.

     Founder of Embracing Team Inc. Latoya T. Almonord says, “This event is not just a street clean up it’s an educational method for our students regarding the importance of keeping around our neighborhoods clean especially our learning facilities. In addition, it serves as an outreach method symbolizing a clean slate for all students who have ever needed an opportunity to start over, reposition themselves, and get back on the right track for a successful academic year!

     Almonord continued, “We believe this event will send a message across districts to get involved in keeping areas around our educational facilities clean. It is a collective effort to keep our students focused on the positive things that goes on within the learning community opposed to being distracted with garbage and litter that surrounds the schools. This street clean up is necessary because our students need a clean, safe environment to properly get the most out of their education. We want visitors to see our learning facility in the best light possible, indicating a healthy educational site.”

     Maintaining a clean and litter-free environment is a major objective of the Street Sweepers Program. As a result we are working closely with the City, local businesses, and other neighborhood associations to reduce litter, improve street cleaning and build hope for the future of our students.

     “Let’s not just give excuses but educate ourselves and others on the very importance of keeping our streets clean and free from rubbish and litter. Make it a habit and you will realize it is easy to follow. Your actions are a reflection of your family and reflection of your city, Pompano Beach. Let’s make Pompano proud and help our schools look like a facility worth learning in.”

     “We are committed to the cause, passionate in our approach, and refuse to take “NO” for an answer when it involves the future of our young people!”

     Embracing Team Inc. is recruiting volunteers for the official launch of the Street Sweepers program in May.

     For more information email-lalmonord28@gmail.com


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