A frightening narrative

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hansan-sinclairA frightening narrative

By Hansan Sinclair

So, here’s a frightening narrative going around lately:

Trump supporters are claiming they voted for Trump because “white, middle-class America feels like it has been left behind…no one listens…we need change.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that why we voted for Obama, because the middle class as a whole felt “left behind and ignored?” However, when I voted for Obama, I got accused of voting for him strictly because he was Black. No one could accept the fact that I voted for him because he was educated, from the middle class, cool-tempered, methodical, idealistic and well-liked by practically the entire world. And yes, it helped that he was Black because now I could honestly tell my kids (nieces and nephews) that they could be anything they wanted to be in life — no limitations!

But going back to the narrative, notice Trump supporters specifically say that “white, middle-class…,” separating themselves from the middle-class as a whole, as if to say “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right.” How is that not divisive? They’ve looked past Trump’s boorish, uncouth, racist, bigoted stances, or better yet, endorsed it, all for the sake of making America comfortable for themselves again. They are willing to cherry-pick from the Constitution (which guarantees freedom of speech and to practice your religion) as they see fit and edit as needed. The inscription on the statue of Liberty (supposedly) welcomes all those seeking refuge from foreign lands…no questions asked.

Many Trump supporters say they wanted a change from the status quo politician, and Trump fits that mold. Well, so did Dr. Ben Carson. The only difference is that Carson actually studied up on his politics and policies (not that I agreed with them, but he at least educated himself and did not speak in hate). So why wasn’t he the Republican nominee? He didn’t excite…nay…incite fear or appeal to those who want change by undoing change. In essence they want to “change back.”

For eight years Blacks have been bombarded with accusations that President Obama is “destroying this country,” and you are correct. He was destroying what this country used to stand for – obnoxious, privileged, entitled citizens who care only about accumulating more and more while stepping on their fellow man to get it.

As for immigration and securing the borders, if I used the logic Trump supporters used to justify keep “radical Muslims” and Mexicans out of the country, I would be terrified of every single white person, especially “Christians.” The oldest terrorist organization in the U.S. is the KKK, who claim to be “Christian.” But groups like the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter are continuously under attack for their supposed “racism,” despite the fact that so many have benefited from these movements, not just Blacks.

I’ll admit, I’m taking a really close look at my friends who supported Trump, and determining where I go from here on a case-by-case basis. And if you think I’m overreacting, then you are one of the privileged. If you think I sound racist, I’m just holding the mirror….you’re looking in it.#debacle2016

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