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A message to our Black folk

A-message-to-our-black-folkA message to our Black folk

By Shirley Thimothee-Paul

“Misery won’t touch you gentle it always leaves its thumbprints on you; sometimes it leaves them for others to see, sometimes for nobody but you to know of.”

                        — Edwidge Danticat (The Farming of Bones)

Whether in the form of financial lacking or the consumption of your thoughts, she can only survive among the welcoming. “I am comfortable here”, she says, “Among the many that house the tongues’ tainted by harsh words against their neighbors”. “I won’t go.”  She says “I refuse to leave the comfort of my home, as the cries of the mothers losing their children to the shots in these streets only know the warmth of MY blanket”.  “No, I cannot go, for in a moment my child will answer the call of the needle and who will be here to welcome her back”. “Do NOT ask me to leave for who would bring to light the jealousy and rage hidden just behind your hypocritical stare while witnessing your neighbors success”?  “Do not push me out because YOU want me, YOU need me, YOU live and breathe me, this is my home”.

Can Misery speak these words to you? How did she get here? Did she just a happen upon you or did you invite her in?

Each of us knows the truth; look in the mirror and decide today. Who are you? Is it time for change or is Misery your welcome company?

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