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Aaron Raines turns 103 years old

Aaron Raines was born October 12, 1915 in Monticello, Florida. He has been a Broward County resident since 1941 and he has been living in the same home and has the same phone number since 1961. He remembers a lot from his childhood; also, his Black History of people, places and things. He was employed as a chauffeur for Cornelius Garrettson for 35 years; Broward County School Board for 10 years and Holsum Bakery for 19 years. His travels include Chicago and Delaware. His favorite TV show include Wheel of Fortune, Westerns, Dolphins Football; Marlins Baseball and love to listen to the Blues. A birthday celebration will be given by Minister Larry and Shirley Carter, family members and friends on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

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