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Samara Rawls

By Samara Rawls

During these difficult times of COVID, you may not be feeling the best. It has been challenging to social distance. Can you believe it’s been over a year since this has all began! It can be hard to stay in contact with people, making you feel lonely and sad. That’s why today I have my ‘ABCs’ on how to deal with COVID.

Admire  Nature: With COVID, many people are staying inside their houses, and not going out enough. Although this is safe, you want to make sure you are outside every day for at least 20 minutes. This is proven to boost your well-being, and a little sun is always good for you.

When you go outside, you can see everything God has created and just adore it. You can do this by taking a walk, going on a bike ride, or even just sitting outside.

Balance your Life: While being inside, it is very easy to just do the same routine every day, but make sure to add balance in the things you do. For example, every day you don’t want to just sit around and do nothing, so try to plan out your day in advance, and maybe every other day do a new activity. You can even learn to do new things such as sowing, drawing, and cooking.

Connect with People: It is very important to stay in touch with people during quarantine because you do not want to lose your social connections. Try to text, call, or video chat at least two people a day to keep up with social interaction. And if you feel safe, you can meet up with them in a safe place, make sure to wear a mask!

These are just a few of my tips on how to deal with COVID. You can find what works for you,  use those methods and possibly share them with others. Just remember to stay safe and wear a mask!

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