Act of God? Track athletes notice they look alike, find out they are long lost sisters

Act-of-GodAct of God? Track athletes notice they look alike, find out they are long lost sisters

By Your Black World

      It’s tough going through life knowing that you have family members that you were separated from at an early age.  But sometimes, the universe brings you right back where you belong.

Jordan and Robin are two 17-year-olds who run track.  They were born nine months apart.  Jordan was adopted right after being born, and Robin was put into foster care after being with her biological mother for just a little while.

They both lived in Washington, DC and both loved the same sports.  They then had friends telling them that there was “another girl who looks JUST LIKE YOU,” which led them to investigate further.  It was during this track meet last January that fate brought the two together.

When Jordan found out that Robin’s last name was Jeter, that’s when the tears started flowing from her eyes.

“I had already known about my adoption and I knew my last name was Jeter,” Jordan told USAToday.

The two young ladies then started comparing birth certificates and talking for hours to find out how they were related. They thought they might be sisters, but weren’t sure.  It’s not often that siblings are born just nine months apart.

They then found out that they actually are sisters, which is a dream come true for both of them.  They are very similar to one another, with the same voice, same look, and same shoe size.  They even both have double-jointed thumbs.

“If I wouldn’t have (joined the track team), I would have never met her,” Jordan said. “I’m so thankful I joined track.”

The two girls are now getting a chance to spend their first mother’s day together.  It’s a shame that whatever personal problems their mother was experiencing will keep her from enjoying these two beautiful blessings. They are also going to track down some of their other siblings to complete the puzzle of their lives. We certainly wish them well.



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