Actor from Harriet Tubman Sex tape video says he’s not apologizing



Actor from Harriet Tubman Sex tape video says he’s not apologizing

By Yvette Carnell

Late Tuesday, the Harriet Tubman sex tape video posted on Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital YouTube channel went viral for all the wrong reasons. By most accounts, it wasn’t even funny, but worst of all it was offensive to the memory and legacy of a woman who risked her life to free countless slaves.

After the backlash, music mogul Russell Simmons admitted his error in allowing the video to be published and quickly removed it from his YouTube channel. But although the mogul had the presence of mind to acknowledge his mistake and quickly apologize, an actor in the video has decided that it makes no sense for him to apologize since most of the people who were outraged aren’t his Twitter followers.

Here’s what DeStorm tweeted, according to Twitchy:

DeStorm is right in the sense that most people who viewed the Tubman video had never heard of him and no one knows what he stands for. We can’t speak to what’s in his heart. But it would seem that the last thing he’d want to be known for is a Harriet Tubman sex tape.

For many people, that Tubman YouTube was their introduction to “DeStorm”, so it might be a good idea to work to change that first impression. Especially, considering that when you’re an artist, everyone is a potential fan, supporter and Twitter follower.

I quickly perused DeStorm’s Twitter timeline and didn’t see this tweet anymore. Nor did I see an apology. That’s unfortunate. This isn’t something you just move on from. You have to make it right.

DeStorm should show a bit of the same courage that Tubman showed.



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