After the defeat in Afghanistan, a lesson not to start war with IRAN!

 By Mohammed Khaku

US has finally accepted the defeat in Afghanistan after continuing losses in military personnel and pride.

Five decades of unjust U.S. foreign policy, sanctions, embargo and meddling in other nations, U.S. has suffered a major defeat. Arrogance, Unilateralism, and the double standards in U.S policy are the major factor behind the foreign policy’s failure.

The USA and the coalition of the willing armed with the most sophisticated hi-tech weapons and the US defense budget of $750 billion a year could not defeat after 20 years, the rag-tag Mujahidin’s band armed with Kalashnikovs.

Soon after withdrawal of US troops, Taliban within days have captured two third of the country and continue their offensive towards Kabul. Taliban, once America’s sworn enemy, is gaining territory and victorious after 20 years.

Even after the defeat in Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq the rhythm of war drums over Iran has been growing steadily louder. The “attack Iran” train is on the move again: from the Pentagon to Tel Aviv.

The campaign misinformation against Iran continues. Lobbyists, political pundits, and military experts spew the rhetoric of hate, to demonizing Iran to no end.

They openly have declared their intention to overthrow the legitimate Islamic system of governance in Iran. The Ayatollahs are branded as a nuclear-obsessed terrorist and axis of evil.

One can see by the three-day visit of CIA Director William Burns to meet with Israeli prime minister, security adviser Eyal Hulata, Mossad chief and other military and intelligence officials on Wednesday Aug 11th to discuss an attack on Iran Nuclear facilities.

It has been reported that Mossad’s chief reportedly gave CIA director Burns a dossier that described Raisi “as someone with mental disturbances” and who should not be trusted, according to Israel’s Channel 12.

The campaign of fear, fake news and misinformation against Iran continues by AIPAC, far-right neo-con Zionists and unfortunately aided by many in the congress and the media who seem ready to repeat their pre-Iraq invasion blunders, to justify war against the people of Iran.

The neo-cons and AIPAC state that their goal is regime change in Iran to introduce democracy to the Iranian people. In fact, Iran’s political system is more open than that of all of Washington’s Bedouin Arab allies like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Jordan.

A history lesson for all imperialist nations: all empires, from Alexander the Great, the Persian and the Mongol to the British and Soviet, have suffered defeat in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a graveyard of empires.

In the process, neo-cons and warmongers squandered over two trillion dollars taxpayer money on twenty-year war. The truth is that the United States was defeated in Afghanistan.

If America wishes to regain its moral authority in the world, it must dismantle 700 military bases it operates globally and abide the international norms and treaties.

There are three crucial brave steps for President Biden to take for a lasting peace in the Middle East: make peace with Iran, support a Nuclear Free Zone Middle East—including Israel, and support the independent Palestinian State, with the right of return for all refugees.

A lesson not to start war with IRAN!


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