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Alice Flowers needs more financial support for Parent Abuse bill

Rosemary-Rt-Alice-LtAlice Flowers needs more financial support for Parent Abuse bill

Alice and her sister Rosemary Slaughter-Pate.

       Alice Slaughter-Flowers and her daughter, Tiffany Kelly, returned home from Tallahassee this week, extremely delighted with the support they received from many of the legislators. After talking to legislators for the second year in a row, and working to get their Parent Abuse bill recognized as a category of Domestic Violence, there is a positive response at the legislative session in 2015.

As they work to get the bill passed in the Florida legislature, they need to raise awareness and ask for your financial support. Parent Abuse refers to abusive tactics (verbal, physical, psychological and economical) from minor children towards parent(s) to gain control, and reverse the parent-to-child role.

In 2013, Alice’s sister, Rosemary Slaughter-Pate, a 28-year-old Lockheed Martin Sr. Contracts Manager, was violently murdered by her then 19-year-old son after dealing with these issues for years.

There is a study underway at the University of Central Florida (UCF) with families who are experiencing this type of abuse. The purpose of the study is to establish evidence that this behavior is prevalent throughout the state, and put forth effective measures to promote supportive services.

Alice and her daughter have formed a non-profit, and 501©3 pending organization called The Morning After Center for Hope and Healing (TMAC). The goal of TMAC is to provide support to parents that are being abused. The organization holds monthly Parent Abuse Awareness and Support Meetups in order to educate, provide a confidential, shame-, judgement-, and stigma-free zone to share stories, and recommendations on how to remain safe.

The focus is on creating innovative solutions, programs and techniques. Ms. Flowers and her daughter are initiating a state dialogue to create a national and state network while working to have a seat at the table where policies and funding are negotiated and discus-sed. We desperately need legislation because within the current judicial system, minors are treated differently than adults. Parents are responsible for the care of minor children even when the child displays abusive/violent behavior towards the parent(s); parents could face criminal charges if the child is abandoned.

Please join Ms. Flowers and her daughter in their quest by donating $5, $10, $25, $100 or more. The donations will be used for travel, outreach, mailings, workshops, and business fees. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss Parent Abuse. Ms. Flowers can be reached at (321) 229-7688 (, and Tiffany Kelly at (772) 708-4759. Email:  Website:

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