America is a political Candy Land

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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America is a political Candy Land

By Lucius Gantt

      Have you seen the Jamie Foxx movie “Django Unchained”? If you haven’t, take a look at it because the film mirrors the 2014 political landscape relative to the African American voters and citizens.

In “Django Unchained” the movie depicts a notorious plantation and slave master that used and abused Black slaves to gain riches and wealth.

The plantation was called “Candy Land” and politically speaking, African Americans are living in a political “Candy Land” right this very moment.

In slavery days, everything Blacks did was done to enrich devilish slave maters.

Today, everything done by African Americans in a political context is done to benefit non-Black politicians.

We vote for them and their neo-colonialist Negro political puppets, we contribute to their political campaigns, we endorse them, we volunteer for them, we praise them and we honor them.

And, what do we get for all of our political efforts? We get absolutely nothing.

To the Black man and Black woman, the American political system is permeated with modern day carpet baggers and slave patrols!

I don’t care where you live in the United States the politicians there will all claim to be the “jobs politicians” or the “jobs candidate”. However, a rudimentary glance at a politicians campaign reports will reveal most people hired by politicians are not residents in the district, the city or the state where the politicians boasts about bringing jobs to.

Most of the Black elected officials and politicians in America wouldn’t even go to sleep and dream about hiring a Black political consultant, a Black media consultant, a Black print-er, pollster, caterer or other political professional!

So what do politicians do? They talk about jobs for you but they give all the jobs they can to carpetbaggers!

A carpetbagger is a person from the northern states who goes to the South or other parts of the United States to profit from political activities or, in other words, is a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist.

No matter how many degrees you earn at your state colleges and universities and no matter how much political experience you have you will never be qualified to manage or represent or work as a political professional in a major political campaign or political effort!

Don’t take my word for it. Ask your favorite candidate if his campaign workers come from his state, his city, and in the case of Black politicians, from that Black politician’s community.

So how does the politician control the Black voters? The politician uses modern day political slave patrols!

Slave patrols (called patrollers, patty rollers or paddy rollers by the slaves) in the days of slavery were organized groups of three to six white men who enforced discipline upon Black slaves in the antebellum U.S. southern states. They policed the slaves on plantations and hunted down fugitive slaves. Patrols used summary punishment against escapees, maiming or killing them. Slave patrols were first established in South Carolina in 1704, and the idea spread throughout the southern states.

Today, the political slave patrols are composed of Negroes from faraway places that show up in Black communities only at election time to persuade and convince every Black voter that no matter how wicked, how beastly, how exploitative, how insensitive, how uncaring, how disrespectful or how evil politicians are that pale politician is “all right”!

The US political party that should love Black people the most shows their appreciation for all of the Black votes they get by spending money with every race of people but Black people.

In political purchasing transactions, Hispanics get more money than Blacks, women get more money than Blacks and even gays get more opportunities in political purchasing transactions that Black people do.

As long as United States politicians believe more political money should be spent on the pursuit of non-Black votes than spent on getting votes from people of color, the more America’s political landscape will remain the same.

There is one exception, so to speak. In slavery days Black people were considered to be only one fifth, or 20 percent, as valuable as a non-Black. Today, in politics, Black political professionals are only worth only about 2 percent of the worth of white political professionals!

And, the slave patrols will tell you we are better off! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too” Dead Man Writing” online or anywhere fine books are sold. Contact Lucius at


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