America is Going Backward Instead of Moving Forward

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

The egregious reality of the Republican Party is forcing Americans to question Democracy in America. It is getting harder to vote if you are a minority, and vaccination rates are falling, because fewer American trust the country.

In 1964, 77% of Americans trusted the federal government, and now only 24% trust the government.  In 1966, 73% of the population trusted the medical profession, and now 23% trust the medical profession as a whole. Much of the population is not sure of who or what to trust, because President Trump was always caught lying.

Four years of constant lying from the Trump administration made everyone skeptical of the next administration coming into office. Ex-President Trump’s administration was openly racist, and success and power was determined by how much money was in your bank accounts. It was very hard for Americans to accept that the president was voted into office because of his openly racist posture, but it happened in 2016.

The people took to the streets and the women started the protest, with the largest protest in the history of the country, and it never stopped. Americans were and are shocked that the country was and is experiencing a Jim Crow 2.0, and guns, taking back the country for White people, by any means necessary, and was cumulated on January 6, 2021.

The insurrection was a White race riot which was brutal and violent, and an indication of more to come, when taking back the country. Even though Trump lost the election, White people have a responsibility to propagate the “Big Lie.” This is the insanity of America, and why citizens can burn, murder, and loot a community, and no one is prosecuted or put in jail, and tomorrow is just another day.

States across the country work to suppress the vote,  making it harder to vote for minorities. This is the real truth of America. In 2013, the Supreme Court overturned key parts of the Civil Rights Act, and the most disastrous was overturning of “preclearance.”

Preclearance was the law that prevented states from changing their voting rules without federal permission. Once this happened there were no longer regulations or federal departments to control states’ actions, and racism was back on the table.

Once racism was back on the table, White privilege kicked back in, and it was easy to slide backward. Sliding White backward is cutting weeks out of early voting, forbidding out of precinct voting, and closing down polling places in minority communities. Essentially, the goal of Republicans is making it harder to vote for minorities, and thus control voting districts.

This is nothing new under the sun, and Americans have a responsibility to go forward, and protect Democracy. Education and the courts are the key to changing and winning the battles, but it will not be easy. Minorities have numbers to their advantage, and more young people must get involved in the system. Young people must vote when they turn 18, and more must run for office.

More minorities and young people must get registered to vote, and attend local and state political meetings and organizations. As more people are engaged in the process, more people will trust the system, and the government. Moving forward must become the plan, and there is a need for the medical profession and service to be affordable.

When Americans can trust the government, and the medical system is giving great service to all citizens, people will not be afraid to get their shots. The political and medical system is broken, and now is the time for Americans to initiate a national dialogue on how to make things better.

At this time, the federal government must mandate that federal employees get vaccinated with the armed forces, and major corporations must mandate that their employees get their shots. Fathers and mothers must protect their children that live in their home by getting them vaccinated, and all Americans have a responsibility to be healthy.

As a great country, our goal should be to move forward, and make life better.




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